How to prepare like an expert for the Blue Ridge Adventure Race... without spending 15 years acquiring all this info by yourself

Led by Top Ranked and World Record-Breaking Racer: Hunter Leininger knows that there are a few simple things that every racer can learn to drastically improve their performance, whether they want to win or just finish!

Blue Ridge Prep Course


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Program Details

  • Over 250 minutes of video | 30 lessons
  • Study at your own pace

  • Concise Info in 1 place, everything you NEED to know.
  • Ongoing lessons updated with no extra charge
  • Direct contact to Hunter and others
  • Ability to get custom lessons made for you

This course is for…

First Time Racers who are jumping into one of the toughest races and have no clue what awaits them

Returning Racers looking to improve their performance and want to enjoy their experience even more

Veteran Racers that have years of experience but are looking to take their team to the next level

In only a few hours you will be able to learn everything that you need to finish the Blue Ridge Adventure race and even push for the win!